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Roofing Types

We provide many different types of roofs and design options for you that will suit your needs. Our technicians take pride in a job well done, and we will ensure your roof is installed efficiently and with minimal distraction to you.

Composition Shingle: A type of shingle used in steep-slope roofing and generally comprised of weathering-grade asphalt, a fiber glass reinforcing mat, an adhesive strip, and mineral granules.

Slate: Naturally occurring stone that can be laid flat on a roof surface in an overlapping pattern to create an aesthetic and long-lasting roof system. Many of the ancient cathedrals in Europe have been roofed in slate for hundreds of years. Slate roofs have been known to last for 150 to 500 years if correctly installed.

Clay Tile: Clay tile is still among the most popular roofing materials in Europe, where homes and centers of commerce are designed to last for generations. Their simplicity of form and shape makes traditional, tapered mission tiles ideal for funneling and shedding water from pitched roofs. Clay tiles are available in a wide range of colors.

Wooden Shingles and Shakes: Wooden shingles and shakes are cut from logs of red cedar, redwood, cypress or pine. Western red cedar is by far the most common shingle lumber used in the United States. The cellular composition of Western red cedar, with millions of tiny, air-filled cells per cubic inch, provides a high degree of thermal insulation on both roof and wall applications. The wood also possesses outstanding rigidity and resilience. This natural advantage is amplified by the structural strength derived from the overlapping method typically used for application.

Presidential Shake: An emulation of the wood shingle, using asphalt products instead of cedar.

Cedarlite Shake Tile: A concrete tile manufactured to look the most like a wood shake in a lightweight concrete tile format.

Concrete Tile: Concrete tiles are relatively new compared to clay tiles. Concrete tile is composed of Portland cement, sand, and water, mixed in varying proportions. These materials are mixed and extruded on individual molds under high pressure to form the tile product. Concrete tile has three classifications: flat, roll, and graduated.

TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin): This is a UV resistant, white plastic roof membrane that can be applied to new or existing roofs. This comes in rolls and it is adhered to the roof with glue or is screwed down. This plastic is heavily reinforced with a polyester mat imbedded within the sheet to extend its life expectancy up to 20 years, for some of the thicker membrane layers.

Torchdown: Torch down roofing is a type of roofing system used on flat roofs. Torch down roofing is installed by using a torch to adhere overlapping fiberglass and polyester sheets to a fiberglass base layer. Sheets contain bitumen, a form of petroleum, which bonds the materials to form a rubberized surface.

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